RENAULT Twingo « Go anywhere, go everywhere » campaign created by Publicis Conseil.

New Renault Twingo’s new look, new rear-engined architecture, ultra-manoeuvrable handling and raft of smart, travelling comfort-enhancing features deserved an advertising campaign to match its ingenuity and the new lifestyle for which it stands.

For New Twingo’s launch, Publicis Conseil has concocted an offbeat advertising campaign which spotlights the car’s outstanding agility. In association with Renault, the agency recruited artists Kuntzel+Deygas, renowned worldwide for their elegantly animated graphic creations.

In 1993, Renault took the motoring world by surprise when the original Twingo seemed to land from another planet. The industry’s first mini people carrier was unconventional, cheery and utterly loveable with a cheeky demeanour. These traits were highlighted in a novel advertising campaign that championed a totally new approach to the automobile, with a slogan that invited customers to invent their own lifestyle to go with Twingo.

Today, the launch of New Twingo propels the model into an even more magical chapter of its existence, since Renault has taken a completely fresh look at its fundamentals, including a new rear-engined architecture and the switch to five doors for all versions, as well as a cleverly-designed modular interior and a new, contemporary look. Every bit as revolutionary as its predecessor, New Twingo is a car that stands for freedom – the freedom to go wherever it wants thanks to its exceptional turning circle which provides it with incomparable agility for effortless driving in and about town.

As a tribute to the original Twingo, Publicis has prepared a campaign which mirrors New Twingo’s unique, modern and vibrant personality in the form of a cartoon – one of the graphic world’s most powerful tools.

The film : 

Working to the brief provided by Publicis Conseil and Renault, the idea of Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Deygas was to make Twingo a cartoon character that plays the leading role in an animated choreography featuring a succession of virtuoso manoeuvres. The two artists present New Renault Twingo’s myriad of ingenious attributes through a series of mind-boggling steps that Twingo pulls off with panache and ease, to the background of sensual, rhythmic pop music performed by Beck.

Over the course of this graphic journey, Twingo stars as a sharp-minded character who travels through a multi-coloured keyhole to a string of cosmic planets, zigzags between the legs of elephant-like buildings, challenges a snaking ribbon, tackles a series of hairpin bends made of shoestrings, dodges a maze of water droplets, surfs on the chaotic cobblestones of a mischievous city and transports the spectator from this imaginary place into the real world.

In this campaign of unprecedented scale, the agile New Twingo stars in one principal two-minute film, three specific films and some 15 visuals, as well as in a range of refreshing and fun digital creations, while cheekily embodying the ‘Go Anywhere, Go Everywhere’ tagline.


New campaign ORANGE – IF WE ALL HAD SUPERPOWERS ? – by Publicis Conseil

After a year where network speed and deployment were paramount, Orange, leader in future networks, wants to put the user and their digital usage back at the heart of its message.

Nowadays, everyone is connected. The smartphone, and all the high speed internet usage that goes with it, has become an essential part of everyday life. It is on the basis of this observation that Orange created its new campaign, showcasing the superpowers that we can all have with Orange 4G.

Who hasn’t dreamt of being omniscient?
Who hasn’t dreamt of being a superhero in the eyes of their loved ones?
Who hasn’t dreamt of finding a parking space in the blink of an eye?
Who hasn’t dreamt of winning the heart of a superheroine?

Emotive and humorous, this new campaign, designed by Publicis Conseil, will be deployed across all media and social networks. The campaign shows how we can all have superpowers, thanks to super‐fast internet…real superheroes will pale by comparison! The campaign will be launched on TV and in cinemas with the Wonderlove film. The film tells the story of an ordinary young man who, thanks to his 4G superpowers, wins the heart of a superheroine, to the consternation of a superhero who sees his powers completely surpassed.

Thanks to his smartphone applications, and a little bit of charm, the young man sails through the story with ease: contactless mobile payment, geolocation, remote home management, instant downloads.

On the site are the incredible adventures of other everyday superheroes SuperLisa, SuperNico, SuperJulie and SuperEmile who battle it out with Moonman, Titanos, and even Mr. Invisible. A humorous comic series by Reno offers a simple way to discover and learn about all of the applications possible with Orange superfast internet. A published version of this comic‐style user guide will soon be available in all Orange stores.

In order to stimulate conversation around this new concept, Orange will also offer internet users an interactive animation in which they are the hero. Every day from March the 17th‐21st, Orange invites internet users to share their dream superpowers on Twitter, using the hashtag #monsuperpouvoir . A team of illustrators will create and then post a comic‐style drawing of the most imaginative superpowers: Charlie Poppins, Bill Otomo, Flomize, Loic Secheresse, Erwann Surcouf. The most prolific contributors will even have their superpower illustrated in the form of a comic cover by famous comic artists such as Stéphanie Hans, RUN and Guillaume Singelin.

From April, the campaign will include posters featuring defeated superheroes, plus superheroes will battle it out with the Livebox Jet offers in Orange stores. The concept will be used throughout the year with new material released regularly.

“Just Add Zero” – Coke Zero by Publicis Conseil

‘Just Add Zero’ is a new TVC directed by Nima Nourizadeh, the British film, commercial and music video director.

Shot in South Africa, the TVC shows the protagonist navigating a series of situations where he experiences more by “adding zero”.

Adding ‘zero’ to his two sisters produces 20 of their attractive friends, while a party of 100 people becomes a festival of 1,000. The twist in the plot comes when the protagonist’s romantic interest turns the perspective on its head and gets more by adding zero from one hot guy to 10. The TVC demonstrates the broadening of COKE ZERO’s target market with the aim of appealing to both men and women.

The TVC features an amazing FatRat remix of Diplo track “Set It Off”, chosen for its high energy, pumping house beats, which set the pace for the action on screen. It was created by Publicis Conseil in Paris, led by International Creative Director, Steve O’Leary.

NESCAFE DOLCE GUSTO “MINI ME” created by Publicis Conseil.

To celebrate the launch of its new MINI ME coffee maker, NESCAFE Dolce Gusto is organising a unique ‘moving’ experience…

 There are plenty of things it’s fine to mess up, but not your coffee!

3 1

Just because you’re young and haven’t quite worked out how to deal with life yet doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the simple joy of a good coffee. So when you’re embarking on the big adventure of moving into your first flat and you’re at last able to buy your first coffee maker, the new MINI ME from NESCAFE Dolce Gusto is the perfect choice.

To celebrate the launch of its new fun, cute & geeky MINI ME coffee maker, NESCAFE Dolce Gusto is pulling out all the stops and targeting a young and connected audience – the ME generation – with a campaign created by the Publicis Conseil agency.

 The story starts with two young flatmates moving into their new place, which proves to be a challenge for them to say the least. NESCAFE Dolce Gusto and its partner agency have come up with an eccentric, wacky digital campaign consisting of a series of 10 interactive videos showing the two anti-heroes’ misadventures. They are full of slapstick jokes based on situations we have all had to deal with: flat-pack furniture you have to assemble yourself, a sofa that won’t fit through the door, electrical problems, etc.

The various stories soon take an absurd turn and end up in chaos, but they all come to the same conclusion: even if everything is going wrong, at least with a MINI ME coffee maker your coffee will be a success.


The “MINI ME” video experience is currently online on YouTube :

« WWF Mugs » – by Publicis Conseil

Global warming is more than ever a topical problem. The melting of the ice cap, among other things, will lead to the disappearance of polar bears.


WWF has entrusted Publicis Conseil to raise people’s awareness of this issue on a daily basis, and to raise funds. Rather than communicating through traditional means, Publicis Conseil has designed a heat sensitive mug.

A mug with the image of a polar bear.

When you pour hot water into the mug, the bear disappears. A message appears on the back:

“A few more degrees and polar bears will disappear. Fight global warming:”.

A simple daily reminder helping WWF to raise funds. The mugs are for sale on their online shop for €10. What is more, and it’s not insignificant, when used on a daily basis, this mug will also prevent you from using numerous plastic cups.

Do you like betting? You’re going to love the new PMU campaign. – by Publicis Conseil

When you arrive at the office, you try to guess which lift will open first. At the supermarket, you bet which queue will move the quickest. In the canteen, do you often predict that ‘tonight, so-and-so will be eliminated’ from your favourite reality TV show? Don’t worry, you’re not alone… There is a gambler that lies dormant in all of us. Our new PMU campaign is there to awaken it and show that horse racing betting is not a pleasure reserved only for experts!

At the heart of this plan are 2 explosive TV adverts, whose formula is summarised below:

Take 2 historic, universally known incidents. Ensure that there is doubt as to their exact cause. Imagine that a small bet is at the origin of it all… And add a dash of impertinence. The result: 2 impactful dramas to grab the attention of ALL unwitting gamblers.

 Strategically, we have placed betting at the heart of history; this was necessary to remind the general public that betting is part of our DNA. It is a universal spice of everyday life: we sometimes forget, but we love to bet… and therefore it follows that we are all budding lovers of horseracing betting. You just have to give it a try!

 The choice of director was just as strategic. In order to ensure that our adverts have great impact we needed someone who excels in the use of humour. Our creative team at Publicis Conseil turned to one of the sharpest directors in the field: Jake Szymanski.

With this well-loved ‘Saturday Night Live’ director, the quirkiness and the irony required for our films was guaranteed.

 The ‘Sérial Parieur’ digital campaign, designed by Publicis Modem and launched on 30th August, accompanied the launch of TV films. The concept: 10 staggered races in which crazy stars go head-to-head.

The objective: to give you the opportunity of betting for fun… and loving it. Then there’s no reason not to try a horseracing bet!

 ‘Yes, but we know nothing about horseracing…’, you’ll say…

Well we’ve taken care of everything! PMU is also launching a fun platform that explains everything about betting…

Go to, to discover the perfect products to get you started (Simple and Quinté+spOt), practical advice, etc…

François-Xavier Bagnoud (FXB) Association – Publicis Conseil

The association bears the name of François-Xavier Bagnoud, a helicopter pilot specialised in rescue operations, which were his passion and drive. He passed away in 1986, aged 24, on a helicopter-borne mission in Mali. In 1989, his mother Albina du Boisrouvray, his family and friends, founded the François-Xavier Bagnoud association in order to continue, in the field of development, the rescue missions which he carried out, and preserve the guiding values of his life: generosity and compassion.

ATTJWWX7 ATT8S8H9 ATTNFYS2Active in 13 countries, through its “François-Xavier Bagnoud (FXB)-village Model” community development programmes, the FXB association works to pull families out of extreme poverty, helping them gain access to their fundamental rights and attain sustainable economic autonomy in order to raise their children with dignity. FXB offers global and simultaneous three-year-long support to participating families. This includes food safety, health, education, water and sanitation, accommodation, financial and professional training, legal support, psychosocial services, as well as the financing to start a micro business. 28 FXB-villages are currently underway. An external assessment showed that 86% of beneficiaries are still living above the poverty line four years after the end of a programme.

Due to the economic downturn, people are donating less and less. The aim of this campaign is to remind people that, even with a tiny share of our expenses, we can contribute to the development of an educational, social or food-related project, or any other type of project, and help a child, a family or a village. The aim is to raise awareness by encouraging people to make a donation, however small it may be.

This campaign, comprising three visuals and published in more than 60 regional newspapers, symbolically shows that a small share of our daily expenses is enough to help finance a humanitarian project.