New campaign ORANGE – IF WE ALL HAD SUPERPOWERS ? – by Publicis Conseil

After a year where network speed and deployment were paramount, Orange, leader in future networks, wants to put the user and their digital usage back at the heart of its message.

Nowadays, everyone is connected. The smartphone, and all the high speed internet usage that goes with it, has become an essential part of everyday life. It is on the basis of this observation that Orange created its new campaign, showcasing the superpowers that we can all have with Orange 4G.

Who hasn’t dreamt of being omniscient?
Who hasn’t dreamt of being a superhero in the eyes of their loved ones?
Who hasn’t dreamt of finding a parking space in the blink of an eye?
Who hasn’t dreamt of winning the heart of a superheroine?

Emotive and humorous, this new campaign, designed by Publicis Conseil, will be deployed across all media and social networks. The campaign shows how we can all have superpowers, thanks to super‐fast internet…real superheroes will pale by comparison! The campaign will be launched on TV and in cinemas with the Wonderlove film. The film tells the story of an ordinary young man who, thanks to his 4G superpowers, wins the heart of a superheroine, to the consternation of a superhero who sees his powers completely surpassed.

Thanks to his smartphone applications, and a little bit of charm, the young man sails through the story with ease: contactless mobile payment, geolocation, remote home management, instant downloads.

On the site are the incredible adventures of other everyday superheroes SuperLisa, SuperNico, SuperJulie and SuperEmile who battle it out with Moonman, Titanos, and even Mr. Invisible. A humorous comic series by Reno offers a simple way to discover and learn about all of the applications possible with Orange superfast internet. A published version of this comic‐style user guide will soon be available in all Orange stores.

In order to stimulate conversation around this new concept, Orange will also offer internet users an interactive animation in which they are the hero. Every day from March the 17th‐21st, Orange invites internet users to share their dream superpowers on Twitter, using the hashtag #monsuperpouvoir . A team of illustrators will create and then post a comic‐style drawing of the most imaginative superpowers: Charlie Poppins, Bill Otomo, Flomize, Loic Secheresse, Erwann Surcouf. The most prolific contributors will even have their superpower illustrated in the form of a comic cover by famous comic artists such as Stéphanie Hans, RUN and Guillaume Singelin.

From April, the campaign will include posters featuring defeated superheroes, plus superheroes will battle it out with the Livebox Jet offers in Orange stores. The concept will be used throughout the year with new material released regularly.


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