“Just Add Zero” – Coke Zero by Publicis Conseil

‘Just Add Zero’ is a new TVC directed by Nima Nourizadeh, the British film, commercial and music video director.

Shot in South Africa, the TVC shows the protagonist navigating a series of situations where he experiences more by “adding zero”.

Adding ‘zero’ to his two sisters produces 20 of their attractive friends, while a party of 100 people becomes a festival of 1,000. The twist in the plot comes when the protagonist’s romantic interest turns the perspective on its head and gets more by adding zero from one hot guy to 10. The TVC demonstrates the broadening of COKE ZERO’s target market with the aim of appealing to both men and women.

The TVC features an amazing FatRat remix of Diplo track “Set It Off”, chosen for its high energy, pumping house beats, which set the pace for the action on screen. It was created by Publicis Conseil in Paris, led by International Creative Director, Steve O’Leary.


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