Do you like betting? You’re going to love the new PMU campaign. – by Publicis Conseil

When you arrive at the office, you try to guess which lift will open first. At the supermarket, you bet which queue will move the quickest. In the canteen, do you often predict that ‘tonight, so-and-so will be eliminated’ from your favourite reality TV show? Don’t worry, you’re not alone… There is a gambler that lies dormant in all of us. Our new PMU campaign is there to awaken it and show that horse racing betting is not a pleasure reserved only for experts!

At the heart of this plan are 2 explosive TV adverts, whose formula is summarised below:

Take 2 historic, universally known incidents. Ensure that there is doubt as to their exact cause. Imagine that a small bet is at the origin of it all… And add a dash of impertinence. The result: 2 impactful dramas to grab the attention of ALL unwitting gamblers.

 Strategically, we have placed betting at the heart of history; this was necessary to remind the general public that betting is part of our DNA. It is a universal spice of everyday life: we sometimes forget, but we love to bet… and therefore it follows that we are all budding lovers of horseracing betting. You just have to give it a try!

 The choice of director was just as strategic. In order to ensure that our adverts have great impact we needed someone who excels in the use of humour. Our creative team at Publicis Conseil turned to one of the sharpest directors in the field: Jake Szymanski.

With this well-loved ‘Saturday Night Live’ director, the quirkiness and the irony required for our films was guaranteed.

 The ‘Sérial Parieur’ digital campaign, designed by Publicis Modem and launched on 30th August, accompanied the launch of TV films. The concept: 10 staggered races in which crazy stars go head-to-head.

The objective: to give you the opportunity of betting for fun… and loving it. Then there’s no reason not to try a horseracing bet!

 ‘Yes, but we know nothing about horseracing…’, you’ll say…

Well we’ve taken care of everything! PMU is also launching a fun platform that explains everything about betting…

Go to, to discover the perfect products to get you started (Simple and Quinté+spOt), practical advice, etc…


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