« Orange – Go Europe» – Publicis Conseil & Marcel

No more surprises for Orange customers using their mobile phone abroad, a year before anticipated regulation changes.

People are reluctant to use their mobile phones when abroad because they don’t know how much it will cost. Starting from this insight, ‘Publicis Conseil’ and ‘Marcel’ developed a trans media campaign designed for digital channels, for the Orange Group.

The campaign idea stems from the fact that travelling abroad is full of surprises – sometimes good and sometimes bad. However, thanks to Orange, the user will never have an unpleasant surprise on his or her phone bill. The ‘Go Europe’ offer presents roaming costs in a clear and transparent manner, thus allowing users to anticipate the cost of their mobile usage.

This campaign will be rolled-out in 8 and the 4 web films, directed by Bo Platt (Fighting Fish), makes use of the hidden camera principle; they capture genuine surprised reactions from tourists who are faced with unexpected situations during their holidays abroad.

The agencies developed an entertaining and impactful campaign with strong viral potential. It will be mainly promoted via YouTube, Daily Motion and Orange’s social networks. Web banners and print executions will complete the creative ecosystem.




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