Exclusive! Malibu finally reveals his recipe in a new surprising and humorous outdoor campaign. By Marcel

Malibu 3
Malibu conveys a lot about its Caribbean origins and about the diversity of the cocktails it permits us to make, but except the coconut, we don’t know nothing of its recipe. The new display campaign of the brand is finally going to enlighten us about this issue …

So, we learn that the secret of the recipe is that there is no one: Malibu, it’s simple and it’s essentially a mixing of rum and coconut. A revelation quite reassuring at our time, while we are precisely looking for simplicity and authenticity.

Malibu 2

In this campaign, we also learn that Malibu is realized with rum, which is a strong argument in order to seduce the lovers of mojito.

To illustrate this recipe, the Marcel agency has imagined with humor different ways to hybridize a barrel of rum and coconut …

These visuals 3D products are realized by the legendary Thaï studio Illusion which is used to Cannes podiums, especially thanks to campaigns for Samsonite, Maxam, MTV, 3M, Kleenex or WWF.

Malibu 1 (1)


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