AXA « Protection is my calling » – Publicis Conseil

We are all born to protect. We protect our families, our relatives, our friends.

At AXA, this engagement to protect people is a calling.

AXA employees and their partners (NGO Care, researchers from the AXA Research Fund…) share this calling and commit to better protect people and society.

AXA implemented a unique approach to protection: supporting research and risks anticipation, prevention, but also assistance, long term accompaniment to victims in a personalized and human way.

AXA, first global insurance brand, is launching its new corporate campaign, that demonstrates this calling for protection.

The campaign features AXA employees and partners:

Bruno, who is accompanying victims in the long run,

François, doctor for AXA Assistance,

and Theo, a university researcher whose project on storms anticipation is funded by AXA.

They will be portrayed in 3 TV spots that feature their daily commitment, but also on the platform with documentaries telling more about more about their real life commitments.

Discover first the 3 TV 40” spots:

The campaign has been launched in July in France, Germany, Belgium and Spain showing how Bruno accompanied Lucas, a little boy who had serious road accident.



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