Badabulle « Teddy’s nightmare » – Publicis Conseil

Badabulle, a French childcare brand founded in 2006, has launched a new campaign with Publicis Conseil to promote their fragranced nappy bags.

 badabulle_1 badabulle_2

If only the baby’s room smelled just of babies!

Such was the idea unexpectedly put together in this campaign. In a particularly comical fashion, it draws on the ordeal experienced by our babies’ companions, the cuddly toys. It’s not easy to live with the smell of dirty nappies!
A bunny rabbit and a teddy bear are seen vomiting because of the unbearable smell. The most charming of children’s bedrooms can become impassable without Badabulle’s fragranced nappy bags, which replace the used nappy smell with their delicious scents.
Badabulle offers fun and smart childcare products to today’s parents, and the nappy bag is a fine illustration of this.
Drawing on regular feedback from parents helps Badabulle develop a complete and coherent range of products, where the colours and the design play a crucial role to best answer parents’ needs.

What makes Badabulle unique is the way in which each product has specific functions, making the parents’ lives easier, while entertaining the children.

The campaign will appear on advertising boards on the Parisian CBS network from July 3rd.
Find out more about Badabulle on:





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