Publicis Romania, awarded the golden trophy at the Romanian Effie Awards 2013

Bucharest, June 13th – On Monday evening, at the Effie Romania Gala 2013, Publicis Romania was awarded the golden trophy in the “Digitally Led Campaigns” category for the Pegas brand re-launch campaign, “Nostalgia”

The Gala took place on Monday, the 10th of June, at the Bucharest’s National Opera House gathering the most successful Romanian advertising agencies. This year’s competition covered 28 award categories that have been judged by a panel of experienced judges, led by Jim Taylor – Head of Integrated Activity Planning Capability, Global, SABMiller.

Pegas is the Romanian iconic bicycles brand of the 70’s – 80’s, the bike that almost all Romanians over 30 grew up with and the first bike for a large majority of them. A brand chronologically associated with the communist era, it has gone missing since then. With this entire heritage, Pegas was a brand worth reviving.

In order to engage the audience on an emotional level and re-ignite that “lost” sentimental bond with the brand, Publicis Romania needed to appeal to nostalgia – that old familiar feeling, far more powerful than memory alone; nostalgia about the good old times from our childhood, when the whole world was ours.

The decision was to create a “time machine” that would take people back to the “place” they crave to go again: the childhood time and bring back those feelings for them and their kids, but at the same time, “a tool” to create new memories within a retro-cool approach and the urban attitude of today.

The same campaign was also recognized with two trophies obtained at the INTERNETICS 2012 festival that awards prizes for the best online projects in Romania and a special prize for “The most inspired re-ignition of a brand” at ADC Awards Romania.


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