“Good Resolutions”

renault ZE 2 renault ZE 3
At the end of 2009, Renault launched its new slogan (Drive the Change), which brought with it a new brand vision. Starting with the idea that it is no longer the world that should be adapting to cars, but cars that should be adapting to people and the planet, Renault is committing to making sustainable mobility accessible to everybody.

With the Twizy, Fluence Z.E, Kangoo Z.E, and ZOE, Renault is the only manufacturer to have launched a whole range of 100% electric cars that are accessible to everybody. This strategy is now enabling Renault to position itself as the leading electric car manufacturer in Europe. This is an opportunity for the brand to reassert its commitment by launching an advertising campaign aimed at supporting this transition into a new era of automobiles: the age of the completely electric car.

The theme of this campaign is “good resolutions”.
The film sets up a red herring, showing people of all ages talking to the camera. These people have just resolved something that they viewed as a problem, and they are both emotional and proud to be able to talk about it. These portraits, which will be shot in a variety of natural environments, will of course remind us of statements made by former Alcoholics Anonymous members.

In reality, this is a red herring that works beautifully for both its meanings, right through to the final revelation. These people are not in fact proud of having stopped consuming alcohol; they are proud of having stopped consuming petrol, they are “Electrics Anonymous”. With this range of 100% electric cars developed by Renault, stopping your petrol consumption from one day to the next has become a genuine possibility.

The idea of this film is to use the experience of those who have taken that first step to convince others. Beyond the products themselves, we have chosen to pay tribute to these pioneers who have dared to drive the change, and it is by showing them as models that we hope to start a mass movement.

Renault ZE
The film, which will have the slogan “What if you too switched to electric? Renault. Europe’s leading electric car manufacturer”, fits in perfectly with Renault’s “Drive the Change” brand vision.


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