Publicis Conseil with the Petite Maman association

 Awareness-raising campaign to collect children’s clothes

ATT8026A (1)
Discover the first campaign of the Petite Maman association (Little Mum Association) which supports mothers in need.

The Petite Maman association collects the children’s clothes that you no longer use, to redistribute them to mothers in need in the Ile-de-France region.

In order to spread the word about the association’s work and encourage the maximum number of people to donate their children’s clothes at the various collection points, Publicis Conseil has become active and produced two striking visuals.

The visuals are based on the fact that too many clothes, often in good condition, remain at the bottom of a cupboard for years, gathering dust, when they could be worn by children who have nothing to wear.

These visuals bring the clothes to life, as if they were real people, dramatsing their wait. The cupboards are transformed into prison cells and the clothes become real prisoners.

Along with the tagline: “Do not leave your children’s old clothes locked up for life”, these deliberately shocking visuals are designed to make people aware of this illogical situation and encourage them to act quickly and find information on the association’s website:


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