CALOR « Sourires de femmes » – Publicis Conseil


A lot of women find hair removal using an electric epilator painful and many use alternative hair removal techniques that are known to be less painful but, unfortunately, also less effective. Thanks to its expertise and 5 years of research, Calor has launched the world’s 1st painless electric epilator. Based on unique technology that combines a desensitising function that stops the pain signal, and a refreshing function that soothes the skin, Soft Extreme is establishing itself as the painless solution for soft skin.

In order to prove to our target audience that Soft Extreme hair removal really doesn’t hurt, Calor is beginning its promotion and launching the “Sourires de femmes” campaign. Based on the idea that when a person is in pain, it shows on their face, Calor and Publicis Conseil have designed an original concept: turning a photo shoot into a real product torture test.

Using Calor’s fanpage, women were invited to have their faces photographed by leading French fashion photographer, Kate Barry, all whilst having hair removed from their legs using the Soft Extreme epilator.

The result: peaceful and smiling portraits of women convinced by the product’s effectiveness and no pain promise.

These smiling faces are the core of the “Sourires de femmes” campaign, and are used as teasers in press adverts and banner ads, inviting women to discover how these smiles were obtained on the campaign’s website Once on the site, visitors will find the  campaign’s making-of, interviews with participants explaining their experience with the product, and a more informative section explaining the product’s technology.

This integrated campaign was launched online and in leading women’s magazines at the end of April and has already attracted more than 100,000 visitors to the site. In order to widen the scope of the campaign, a participative and social networking stage will be unveiled in mid-June.


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