Experience speed with Orange’s 4G#1. – Publicis Conseil

Orange, France’s first 4G network, is also the number one network for speed.

Orange2 Orange1

To illustrate the speed and smoothness of the 4G network, and to show how it will change our current perceptions, Orange and its advertising agency Publicis Conseil came up with the idea to use an everyday object in an unusual way; a moving walkway that moves so fast it allows you to experience a unique feeling of speed.

The scene takes place in Roissy, on the two moving walkways linking the airport’s 2E and 2F terminals. One of the two moving walkways has been set at a higher speed, a real invitation to experience speed. The more adventurous travellers who decide to use the 4G moving walkway experience a surprising and intense ride.

Orange and Publicis Conseil edited the filming of the scene at the Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport into a 1’30 video, available in its extended version on the website quialameilleure4g.com, and on Orange’s Dailymotion and YouTube channels, as well as a 35” seeding video until 07 June 2013.


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