The Very High Speed Open Space The new Orange communication campaign for professionals

Orange is supporting the rise of 4G by launching the second part of the Very High Speed saga: a new film for professionals highlighting the unique 4G experience with the leading 4G network in France, 4G#1

After its campaign for the general public in April, Orange is now turning its attention to professionals by offering them a new perspective on its “Live at Very High Speed”: Share at Very High Speed. Orange demonstrates that with 4G, professionals can now work better and faster by exchanging larger files instantly for example.

The film created by Publicis Conseil and directed by Xavier Giannoli will be shown on the Orange brand channels and will be broadcast on TV.

 The film is as much a comedy as a film about action and speed. A young man is gently being made a fool of by colleagues who are having fun making him run throughout an office building to chase a heavy digital file that 4G is able to circulate at full speed from tablets to Smartphones, like a ball that’s both lightweight and fast. At the end of his mad scramble, he finally retrieves the file.

 This helps Orange reassert its position as leader in 4G, with its 4G #1 signature, the leading 4G network in France: #1 in coverage, #1 in speed (theoretical speed 150 Mb/s*) and on its website:

Orange pro


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