Hello bank! “Mobile Concerto” & “Social Content” by Publicis Conseil

On 21th May 2013, BNP Paribas is launching Hello bank!, Europe’s first fully digital mobile bank. But at the same time, BNP Paribas is launching more than a new bank; the group is launching a new brand!

To support this event, Publicis Conseil and Publicis Modem devised a launch campaign on all social platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, Vine and Pinterest). Meanwhile, the Seenk agency has created the name and visual identity of the brand and the Dagobert agency has supported the design of the applications for France.

A global brand content campaign with a strong affinity commitment to making the brand presence as interesting as possible for all those who will be exposed to its content.

This is the result of a process of collaborative creation between the agency and Hello bank! teams, who have actively contributed to the design of the various campaign elements. Several months of work inspired with a real start up mindset conducive to innovation.

An approach that breaks away from the run of the mill bank communication. Hello bank! is more than a brand; it is a state of mind. @Hello bank! we are #witty.

To support this claim, the brand is posting its first brand film to support the European launch on the web: “Mobile Concerto”.

A musical and technological performance held in Prague where the famous conductor Libor Pesek and the Czech National Symphony Orchestra and its 60 musicians will play a trick on the audience with a very special performance of Carmen.

hello bank3 hello bank2

To realise this performance, we assembled the best talent from two worlds that are still distant: mobile technology and classical music. A surprising encounter combining the excellence of art and technological innovation with the image of the Hello bank! project. The whole bank in your mobile.

The protagonists:
Libor Pesek, 79 years old and still imbued with overflowing energy and a joy for life. A celebrated Czech conductor who has notably led the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and then the Czech National Symphony Orchestra since 2007.

The Czech National Symphony Orchestra, one of the most popular ensembles in Europe, has always been open to innovative projects, since it has also accompanied major pop artists, including Andrea Bocelli, Sting and George Michael.

B-Reel who brought this idea to life by creating the interface and wireless connectivity necessary for making this performance possible.

hello bank

For  France, where the commercial launch starts on 21h June, the agency has deployed an innovative social media pre-launch campaign with one goal: to maximize the spread

 of easily assimilated and differentiating brand attributes.

A humorous editorial strategy around the blue Deck, the word Hello and the banking world.

Hello bank! was open to artistic co-creation and asserts the need to put more humour and lightness in its approach. A new kind of bank. To support this approach, Abdel Bounane, director of the publication Amusement, was selected as the artistic director of the project.

An affinity approach where each network is handled by integrating the nature of the content that web surfers like to consume on each network.

A collaborative approach where the brand plays the role of aggregator and joins the leaders of each platform.

The bank Hello world!
http://www.Hellobank.tumblr.com Curioos: every day, an artist gives his/her interpretation of the word hello.
http://instagram.com/hellobank #bluesky photo contest @hellobank including @VUTHEARA, @kerhouarn and @neriad.
http://www.pinterest.com/hellobank collaborative board to see “la vie en bleu” including http://pinterest.com/juliesoudanne/

http://www.facebook.com/hellobankfr: it will make you want to like the bank
http://www.twitter.com/hellobank_fr: it will make you want to tweet

For download the film (short + long version / making of) : http://we.tl/pDR0cHPwQp


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