Envol Vert Organisation: “Tree in pieces” by Publicis Conseil

Envol Vert_TreeA few words about the Envol Vert Organisation

Founded in 2011, Envol Vert is a young organisation whose mission is to protect the forest and its biodiversity. It supports projects initiated and carried out by local stakeholders mostly in Latin America and in France, with a double social and environmental dimension for making forest preservation a sustainable source of income for the local population.


To support this new cause, make your donations at: http://envol-vert.org/

A few words about the campaign

The goal is to educate each and every one of us on the consequences of deforestation.

Getting everyone involved, providing clear explanations and raising awareness called for a universal and simple idea that everyone has had the opportunity of trying out: construction toys.

Because rebuilding a forest isn’t that easy…


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