New campaign print Renault Master “Camping car” created by Publicis Conseil

Renault Master Camping Car_BD_2 Mont St Michel Renault Master Camping Car_BD_3 Pisa Renault Master Camping Car_BD_1 Russia

Renault is back in the spotlight with the camping version of its Master car.
To mark its return, the famous ‘diamond’ brand has launched a campaign with some quirky visuals.

With the focus firmly on the pleasures experienced behind the wheel of the Renault Master Camping car, the brand and its advertising agency, Publicis Conseil, were keen to demonstrate that, when travelling in a Renault Master Camping car, the best part of your holiday is the journey.

The message to our drivers and passengers is clear: ‘YOU WON’T EVER WANT TO STOP’. Once our passengers climb aboard the Master Camping car, they’ll invariably prefer to keep driving rather than stop to admire the sights and take those all-important souvenir snaps…

To bring this concept to life, Renault and Publicis Conseil have opted for full-page blurred visuals.

The campaign make its presence felt in magazines in France and throughout Europe, with a trio of visuals: Mont Saint-Michel, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Moscow’s Red Square.


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