New campaign for “Fondation Recherche Cardio-Vasculaire – Institut de France” with Julie Depardieu, created by Publicis Conseil.

Julie Depardieu supports the cause of women facing cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death among women in France and in most industrialised countries and yet many are unaware of this fact. More than 8 million women a year worldwide die from these diseases, a figure that has continued to increase over the past ten years.

Women are more affected because they have gradually adopted the same lifestyle and risk behaviours as men – one equality that women could well do without. The numbers are clear: one in three women die of cardiovascular disease and at an increasingly younger age, with a 10% mortality rate among those aged 25-44. These diseases are seven times more deadly for women than breast cancer, and 55% of heart attacks are fatal for women compared to 43% for men, as treatment comes at later stage and prevention is much less widespread than with men. Again there is great inequality…

Faced with this situation, Publicis Conseil has got to work to create a poignant film, which, with the outstanding collaboration of Julie Depardieu, one of the female ambassadors of the Foundation, is getting people to sit up and take notice. Julie Depardieu plays a mother in her daily life, unwittingly putting a terrible strain on her heart: professional life, smoking, occupational and family stress….

The agency wanted to play on the idea of a “red herring”, listing all the inequalities between men and women in their everyday lives, ultimately revealing one unexpected equality which is disturbing to say the least: the odds of dying of a heart attack are the same for women as they are for men.
In this way, Publicis Conseil and the “Fondation Recherche Cardio-Vasculaire – Institut de France” hope to build awareness and combat the misunderstanding, even ignorance of women regarding the stereotypes which surround cardiovascular risk.

In addition to raising awareness and warning women, the film also aims to inform opinion leaders as well as health care professionals, and to support and promote the development of medical and biological research. Prevention of cardiovascular disease in women is a real public health issue.


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