Publicis creates new company for youth homelessness charity Depaul UK

Depaul UK launches cardboard box business to raise funds to support young homeless people

Publicis London and Depaul UK have launched a new business initiative selling cardboard boxes to home-movers.

_screenshot box in factory (1)

The Depaul Box Company allows those moving in to a new home to help those who have no home at all, by ensuring that all the profits from the sale of the boxes goes directly to national youth homelessness charity Depaul UK.

The boxes, which each feature the moving tales of real young homeless people and striking line illustrations, also act as another platform to share the work that Depaul UK does and the people it helps.

Rather than try to stimulate donations and sympathy, the Depaul Box Company simply asks people to buy a product they would be buying anyway, for a price that they would already be paying.

Depaul UK CEO Martin Houghton-Brown said: “There is a real, visceral and often distressing association between cardboard boxes and those sleeping rough. The launch of The Depaul Box Company flips that association to a positive one. No one should have to make a cardboard box their home. Buying our cardboard boxes will ensure nobody has to.”

Publicis London Executive Creative Director Andy Bird added: “In a crowded charity marketplace it’s difficult to raise funds by simply asking for donations any more. So we created a product that helps to raise awareness for Depaul and of youth homelessness, create a sustainable income for the charity and actually be of real tangible use to people, whether for moving home or as everyday storage.”

Publicis London Managing Director Will Arnold-Baker said: “Publicis and Depaul have a joint history of innovating. Our iHobo App broke new ground by actively involving people in the work of the charity. The Depaul Box Company goes a step further by creating a company to manufacture a product with indelible relevance to what Depaul does. Better still, it’s a product that everyone needs and one that costs no more than its competitors.”

The Depaul Box Company will sell house-movers cardboard boxes competitively priced at £30 per pack of 10, £40 per pack of 20 and £60 per pack of 30. Packs are available at
Strategic communications agency MSL London has worked pro bono on the PR launch. The venture has also been supported by Clear Channel UK, which has donated more than £200,000-worth of premium outdoor media space to advertise the initiative.


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