Giant Oxford Street artwork celebrates St Patrick’s Day

Giant Oxford Street artwork celebrates St Patrick’s Day



Six storey high image, composed entirely out of multi-coloured sticky notes, appears on Oxford Street building.

An enormous St Patrick’s Day celebratory image has appeared across the frontage of advertising agency Publicis London made entirely out of coloured sticky notes.

It took a team of volunteers a combined 125 hours over three nights to create the artwork, which appears across six floors of the 76 Oxford Street office building. They posted more than 75,000 sticky notes in different colours on the insides of 167 windows.

The artwork features a “Happy St Patrick’s Day” message, together with pixelated images such as Irish Shamrocks. Each sticky note represents a ‘pixel’ of the image, giving it a retro look and feel of 1980s game design.

The idea came about from a team of creative and executives working on the Tourism Ireland advertising account. They wanted to pay tribute to Tourism Ireland, the body responsible for marketing the island of Ireland overseas as a holiday destination, by celebrating St Patrick’s Day in a visible and visual way.

Says Publicis London managing director Jason Cobbold: “St Patrick’s Day is celebrated not only in Ireland but around the world. We wanted to add our own little celebration to London’s Oxford Street in a creative, colourful and slightly mad way.”

Last year the ad agency turned its building green and changed its name to “Patrick’s” for 48 hours on St Patrick’s Day.


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