Publicis Mojo Melbourne is elevating “hungry blokes” to legendary status in their latest ad campaign for snack brand, Peters Maxibon.

The campaign challenges men to fight off their superhuman hunger with Maxibon for the chance to win what every other man with a superhuman ability has – his very own action figure.

Collectively called ‘Maxiblokes’, the action figures incorporate the latest 3-D printing technology to emulate the hair and facial features of each lucky winner.

“The action figures are incredible,” says Michelle Walsh, Creative Director at Publicis Mojo. “I was lucky enough to be immortalised in plastic myself and I’ve never looked so good!” 

5 action figures will be given away every day for the duration of the campaign, which incorporates TV, outdoor, cinema and digital elements. The centrepiece is an online film that parodies a 1980s action figure commercial.

This latest campaign for Maxibon follows the highly successful Man-Chew campaign from 2011, also created by Publicis Mojo Melbourne, which saw sales of the brand sky-rocket by 22.4%.



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