Publicis Mojo Brisbane wins QLD Government contract for operation of Personalised Plates QLD

Publicis Mojo Brisbane has been awarded the Queensland Government contract for the operation of Personalised Plates Queensland.

The win puts the Agency in partnership with the Queensland Governments’ Department of Transport and Main Roads for the operation of the Personalised Plates business.

Publicis Mojo Brisbane will form a new entity to run the entire business which includes:  the development of the business plan, the design and development of product, the management of all retail platforms, the marketing of the product and managing the CRM and call centres for the business. 

Mojo Brisbane Managing Partner Rob Kent said, “We are extremely excited to have won the PPQ contract. The win is a game changer for the agency business model as we know it given the breadth and depth of our remit.  By establishing PPQ as a separate business unit all elements of the business will be handled in-house by Publicis Mojo”, Kent said.

Mojo’s Australian CEO, Joe Pollard, pulled together the combined resources of the Publicis Groupe in Australia to help get the Brisbane Office across the line. “We felt we were in a unique position to win the business”, Pollard said. “There aren’t too many Agencies around with their own 200+ seat call centre and a strong communication agency to run a business such as this.  It’s a victory for the combined resources of the Publicis network”.

Publicis Mojo will start running the business from March 23.


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