Drama on an Ice-Cold Winter’s Day

On January 24th Turner Broadcasting System launched TNT, a quality series and movies channel, in the Netherlands. Initially only available to KPN subscribers, TNT was introduced into the market with a sequel to the 2012 viral hit, ‘A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square’.

As with the multi award-winning video created for TNT’s Flemish launch in April 2012 (currently at 42m hits on YouTube), Turner Broadcasting teamed up with Antwerp-based agency Duval Guillaume Modem. The strategy was to develop a piece that would allude to the original, but feature new situations inspired by TNT’s content. In line with the channel’s We Know Drama tagline, the video was created to emphasize the channel’s leading drama positioning. It was also designed to have a more cinematographic approach and Dutch flavour.

Again, the result is a chain of events worthy of several Hollywood movies rolled into one. A sniper on a roof, a ruthless kidnapping, explosions, a prison break, a bloody gunfight with bizarre heroes and… streakers in orange socks. These are just a few of the spectacular sights that surprised onlookers as they went about their day. 

Shot in Dordrecht on January 17, the new dramatic piece has the now famous red button as its centrepiece. When innocent passers-by can’t resist pushing it, pure TNT drama unfolds with a new twist (in the form of surprisingly close participation from the public). All the movie characters are referring to series like; Falling Skies, Memphis Beat, Southland, Killing Time, Satisfaction, and In Plain Sight.

Find out more about TNT on www.tnt-tv.nl. The channel’s quality content includes Dutch TV premieres such as the critically-acclaimed sci-fi series Falling Skies, with Noah Wyle (ER) from executive producer Steven Spielberg, an American remake of the British cult show Shameless with William H. Macy (Fargo), and the upcoming TNT original medical drama Monday Mornings from David E. Kelly (Ally McBeal), based on the book by CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta.



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