Beefeater 24, the world’s No 3 super premium gin, is aiming to inspire its target audience to share the soundtrack of their lives with friends with the launch of Beefeater Studio24, a new online music and picture-sharing platform.

Launched by Beefeater 24 in partnership with global music discovery service, Beefeater Studio24 allows people around the world to match their favourite songs with their Instagram photos before transforming the image into a personalised record cover. All images are displayed on the Beefeater Studio24 homepage and can be shared via social media platforms including Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. The music content is provided by, allowing users to choose from 600 million tracks.

The iconic brand has linked up with New York-based, leading photographer and Instagram enthusiast Sion Fullana to stimulate interest in the project and to drive traffic to the site. 

Beefeater 24 devised the Studio24 campaign after recognising that the desire to talk about life experiences, music tastes and photos is the main driver behind the global trend for online sharing and that these three topics are intrinsically linked to their target audience’s use of digital platforms.

Paco Recuero, Global Brand Director for Beefeater 24, says: Beefeater 24 has a growing fan-base amongst sociable and affluent consumers who value quality and craftsmanship. These same people often have strong sentimental ties to music and are keen to share their lives with friends online, so with Studio24, we want to offer them a platform that allows them to bring the same creative inspiration to their album covers that our master distiller, Desmond Payne, brings to create the sophisticated taste of Beefeater 24.”

Beefeater 24 has capitalised on the recent gin revival, which has seen global consumption of the spirit rising steadily over the last couple of years. The brand is enjoying double digit growth.*

To see the Beefeater Studio24 gallery or to create your own record cover, visit the Beefeater Studio24 website, The Beefeater Studio24 campaign was devised by Beefeater Gin with communications agency, Publicis London.



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