Publicis London asks people to ???Peel Here??? for skin charity DEBRA

Publicis London has created a hard-hitting Facebook App for national charity DEBRA, which explicitly shows what happens to the sufferers of Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). 


The ‘Peel Here’campaign, which launches today on DEBRA’s Facebook page (, marks the first digital advertising the charity has ever undertaken. Peel Here is a digital interactive awareness campaign, created pro bono by Publicis, which carries a simple yet powerful message about EB, a painful genetic condition that causes the skin to blister and shear at the slightest friction, or even spontaneously.


The App features a moving image of a young boy with a plaster over his torso and the invite “Want to know what it’s like to be the parent of a child with EB?”. When the user clicks their mouse over the dressing, which is marked ‘Peel’, and pulls to drag it reveals the blistered skin beneath and the reality of living with the condition every day. 


The child informs that “EB is a blistering skin condition. When my dressings are changed it can peel away the skin too”. 


The user is then invited to donate directly; to share the App; and to find out more about the charity, how it supports families and individuals living with EB, and its pioneering research. The campaign marks the beginning of EB Awareness Week (25 –31 October), but will continue to run as part of DEBRA’s ongoing awareness drive.


DEBRA Communications & PR Manager Victoria Field says: “DEBRA is extremely fortunate to have the opportunity of working with Publicis on what is the charity’s first ever digital campaign. Their unique creativity has enabled DEBRA to communicate an important yet complex message in a direct, fresh and relevant way. We are delighted with the campaign and are confident it will help us reach and engage with a much wider audience and spread awareness of this devastating condition.”


Publicis London Managing Director Will Arnold-Baker says: “It’s impossible to fully appreciate how severe EB can be without first-hand experience, but we believe that by allowing people to interact with the campaign, they will appreciate the condition a little better. The work that DEBRA does is important and we’re proud to be helping spread awareness of the charity and EB.”


Publicis London has worked pro bono on the campaign.


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