PayPal is debuting its first ever, national marketing campaign, created by San Francisco-based ad agency, Riney. At the centerpiece of the campaign are four videos featuring iconic actor Jeff Goldblum, offering his authentic, and entertaining, perspective on the advantages of PayPal.  

The campaign is digitally-driven, featuring rich and custom media banners, with embedded video.  The campaign includes custom digital banner programs with AOL, Wall Street Journal, Hulu, Living Social, Mashable and Pandora, among others.

Anuj Nayar, Senior Director, Global Communications, PayPal, blogged, “It’s with this renewed focus and passion for creating beautiful and simple products that we kick off our first ever, fully integrated national marketing campaign in the U.S. designed to show you that we’re serious – and we’re excited.”

Harold Sogard, Chairman, Riney, said, “Though our friends at Mojo in Australia beat us to the punch with PayPal’s first ever fully integrated campaign, we are nonetheless thrilled to be launching PayPal’s first ever fully integrated campaign in their largest market, the U.S. This is but the first step as we, in concert with Mojo and with Marcel, are leading the charge to help shift PayPal’s focus around the world from marketing to merchants to marketing to consumers.”




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