???Surf as fast as you think??? with the new Orange with Intel Inside?? smartphone

To launch its new super-fast smartphone with Intel Inside, Orange has created an innovative 360 campaign with the Publicis Conseil agency: two different versions of the same story.  The TV element tells story from the perspective of a young man, while web element of the campaign tells the same story from the perspective of a young woman.

The two advertisements demonstrate the responsiveness of the new mobile thanks to the Intel Inside processor, which makes optimal use of Orange’s high-speed network.

But if the young man is already dreaming about making plans for his wedding using his phone just as he’s kissing a beautiful stranger, the woman is imagining a totally different outcome, thanks to a super-fast search she carries out on her mobile.

Both will be run simultaneously on TV and on www.intel.orange.fr. This cross-media approach will also be on the web via a banner campaign taken from the TV spot.   Accompanied by a print campaign and interactive LCD “displays highlighting the responsiveness of this new smartphone to complement this integrated campaign.




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