Nescaf?? Malaysia Launches New Campaigns Through Publicis Malaysia

Nescafé® has launched a new, fully integrated campaign across Malaysia for Nescafé Classic. The campaign, featuring TV, print, radio, OOH and POSM, was created by newly appointed Publicis Malaysia and aims to continue to drive the relevance of the daily coffee moment and introduces a new advertising line of ‘Nescafé. Lets See What Develops’.

The advertising picks up on a series of situations where Nescafé creates a shared moment; a shared Nescafé moment that becomes the catalyst for a new, fresh take on the world. The TV executions include storylines of a rained-out roti-man, a distressed teenager and boss facing a resignation of a staff member where a moment created by Nescafé reframes the situation. 

“Nescafé is a much loved brand in Malaysia and as category leader we aim to continually engage consumers in the role Nescafé and the ‘Nescafé moment’ can play in their lives”, said Don Howat, Nescafé Malaysia, Business Executive Manager. 

Nescafé has also launched a new campaign for its Nescafé Brown and Creamy 3in1 product, also through Publicis Malaysia. Entitled ‘Sweet Love’, the new campaign also features TV, print, radio, OOH and POSM and uses the celebrity, Aflin Shauki, as a modern day cupid, match-making couples by using Nescafé Brown and Creamy as the ice breaker. The campaign also uses the line ‘Nescafé. Lets See What Develops’.

“We all share big ambitions for Nescafé in Malaysia”, said Dean Bramham, SEA CEO for Publicis, “We aim to create a big brand idea that encapsulates all of Nescafé’s wide portfolio of products and many experiences to connect with our consumers in a very real and emotional way”, Bramham said further. 



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