Ireland invites Londoners to ???Escape the Madness??? this summer


Tourism Ireland is today launching an online film that aims to position Ireland as the antidote to the London transport madness this summer. The film is voiced by actor Chris O’Dowd, who also makes a cameo appearance.

The two-minute YouTube film, created by Publicis London, pits two friends against each other in a race to two very different destinations. Can one, ‘Yer Man’, fly to Ireland and have a pint of stout before his mate, ‘Office Boy’, commutes to his London office and enjoys a latte?

The commute into London is hindered by a myriad of travelling conditions exacerbated by the influx of extra visitors to the Capital this summer –in stark contrast to the tranquility and lack of gridlock in Ireland. We see ‘Office Boy’strain to reach his destination by attempting to travel by bus, taxi, rickshaw and cycle, hindered as he does by crowds and tourists stopping him. In O’Dowd’s cameo he intentionally slows ‘Office Boy’down by closing the lift doors as he nears his final destination.

Meanwhile, ‘Yer Man’, has a relaxing journey –his only delay as his cab waits for a herd of sheep to pass. An exhausted, stressed ‘Office Boy’finally makes his destination, thinking he’s won. It’s a close call, but he hasn’t. ‘Yer Man’has ordered a second drink, enjoying it as he views a tranquil seascape.

The film ends with the challenge: “How will you deal with the madness? Will you escape it, or embrace it?”, inviting viewers to make one of two choices. Depending on their choice, viewers will be invited to enter a draw to win either a trip to Ireland, or VIP treatment at Irish House in London or a tab at the Porterhouse in Covent Garden.

The YouTube film will be supported by seeding via Rubber Republic and Outbrain, premium video page posts on Facebook, pre-roll and Twitter activity. Tweeters will be encouraged to #escapethemadness or #embracethemadness and join the debate.  Press and outdoor creative, which launched last month, also aimed to build on the differences between London and Ireland this summer and promote #escapethemadness. Media is through Carat.

Mark Henry, Tourism Ireland’s Central Marketing Director, said: “Tourism Ireland is a strong believer in the power of engaging content to generate positive word of mouth about Ireland. London’s summer of madness is just about upon us so what better time to suggest a relaxing trip across the Irish Sea instead? Chris O’Dowd became involved after he tweeted a request to become the voice of Tourism Ireland in Britain and I told him that we would be happy to oblige!  This humorous short film is the result of our collaboration and we hope it gets widely shared the length and breadth of Britain.”

Jason Cobbold, Deputy Managing Director of Publicis London, said: “We anticipate there’ll be plenty of frustrated Londoners this summer.  The film is a tongue- in-cheek reminder that there’s respite and a relaxing pint not far away.” 



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