Publicis Amsterdam Wins Grand Award for ALS at The New York Festivals

Publicis Amsterdam has been awarded a prestigious Grand Award at the New York Festivals for the thought provoking campaign, “I Have Already Died”.

The heart-braking campaign, “starring” patients who have since died from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), was created to increase awareness of ALS and raise necessary funds. 

It features nine terminally ill patients who were recorded, under the watchful eye of friends and family, with the full knowledge that their contributions would be used after their deaths to get wider recognition for the disease that had affected them.

Publicis Amsterdam worked secretly on the campaign for more than two years, on a pro-bono basis. It wanted to highlight the deadly nerve disease, which is still relatively unknown and misunderstood, as well as the work of the charity.

The campaign, which ran across various media, was launched during the talkshow ‘De Wereld draait door’ and RTL News.  It was featured on numerous tv-shows, in magazines and all major newspapers.  Three months after launch, donations increased by 500%.

The New York Festivals® honors the world’s best advertising. It has the largest and most international awards jury in the world, with over 380 members from 60 countries.   




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