Renault taps into Facebook Timeline with ???4 years in 4 pictures??? App

Renault UK is today launching a new Facebook application, the Renault 4+ 4 years in 4 pictures, that lets people showcase their most popular pictures from the last four years on the social networking site’s new Timeline layout. 

The app, which has been developed by Publicis ‘Team Renault’ in the UK, allows users to create a unique Timeline ‘cover’ image showing four years in four pictures, and has been designed to coincide with the move to switch all Facebook profiles to Timeline. A user’s cover image, together with their profile picture, becomes the first thing someone now sees on their page. 

The concept supports the new Renault 4+ customer care package by encouraging users to reflect on their last four years through their most ‘liked’ Facebook photos. It is part of an integrated advertising drive, which demonstrates how life can change over four years and how Renault is always there for its customers, accompanying them across life’s ups and downs. 

The app simply asks users for ‘permission’, before reading their photo history, asking them to select one image from a shortlist for each of the previous four years, before generating a new, unique image, which will act as their Timeline Cover. Photos are shortlisted based on the most ‘Likes’ each has received. 

Users who are tagged in the other pictures are then notified that they have been tagged in a new image – encouraging the photos and the App to spread. 

Jason Cobbold, Publicis London Deputy Managing Director, said: “With all Facebook profiles now automatically switching to Timelines we were able to create an opportunity for Renault to help users create a new cover image using their most-liked photographs of the last four years. By tapping into a global Facebook change and combining it with our integrated campaign – Because a lot can happen in 4 years – we are able to really personalise the experience for every user.” 

Matt Lamprell, Renault UK Digital Communications Manager, said We have taken a cross-channel approach to promoting the 4+ package since its launch in February and this new Facebook app will help us continue to build awareness. 4+ is a package designed to help our customers through life’s ups and downs and this is demonstrated perfectly by allowing users to build a cover image from their best moments of the last four years.” 

The competitive customer care package was launched by Renault UK in February and is designed to give buyers peace of mind in cash-strapped times. Renault 4+ includes four years warranty, roadside cover, servicing and finance package in any vehicle across Renault’s range. 

In February, Publicis launched the first in a series of TV ads for the service, ‘Fate’, which tells the story of a young man from graduation up to the birth of his first child in a series of vignettes. A second spot, ‘The Kid’, will air from this week.




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