Publicis London Creates ???Special??? Campaign for New McVitie???s Quirks


Publicis London has created a quirky and stylish illustrated ad to launch McVitie’s Quirks, which show how these tasty biscuits are “special on the inside”.  It launches on TV from February.


The agency teamed with legendary artist and illustrator Paul Davis to make the ad.


The 30” TV and cinema spot tells the story of an ordinary looking biscuit who is scoffed at and shunned by the fancy-looking cakes, pastries and treats and who longs to show them how special he is. In a twist of fate, he does – when broken in two the viewer sees how the he isn’t an ordinary biscuit after all, but a deliciously crunchy biscuit hiding a smooth chocolately centre. The ad ends with the line “Special on the inside”.


The advert is shot so that everything, bar the McVitie’s Quirks biscuit, is illustrated. The biscuit is “dropped” on the page with the story illustrated in such a way to suggest movement, bringing the biscuit to life when in fact it is sitting flat on a piece of paper. It will also air on cinema screens.


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