Tourism Ireland and Publicis London invite world to ???Jump Into Ireland???


Tourism Ireland today launches its global advertising campaign – ‘Jump Into Ireland’ – to promote the island of Ireland overseas in 2012 and beyond. 

The new Tourism Ireland campaign has been created by Publicis London and includes TV, radio, press, cinema and online advertising. It launches this month in 22 markets around the globe to an estimated annual audience of 200 million potential visitors worldwide. The soundtrack for the TV ads is taken from the latest album, Fallen Empires, of Co Down band Snow Patrol. 


The campaign presents Ireland in a way that clearly differentiates the island from its competitors, capturing the essence of a holiday here and highlighting its iconic experiences and warm, friendly people. 

The tagline for the new campaign – ‘Jump into Ireland’ – is designed to convey a sense of playfulness and to reflect the immersive nature of a holiday here. 


The organisation will build on the success of its social media activity during 2011 by integrating it with many more campaigns in 2012; Tourism Ireland now has 700,000 fans on Facebook, confirming it in the top three most popular tourism boards in the world on the popular social networking site, with Australia and Spain. 


Mark Henry, director of central marketing at Tourism Ireland, said: “Tourism Ireland is rolling out an extensive marketing programme to capitalise on the strong interest in Ireland in all our markets. Our new advertising campaign captures the essence of a holiday here and plays to our strengths – iconic experiences and warm, friendly people.” 


Publicis London chief executive Karen Buchanan added: “Ireland is a truly diverse country and a well loved brand. With so much to draw on, the task was to find a simple, compelling story for the country. In focusing on the uniquely immersive nature of a trip there, thanks to its welcoming people and stimulating experiences, we’re confident we’ve found that.” 


The new ads will appear on TV in GB, France and Germany; in cinemas in GB and the US, Spain and Italy; on outdoor sites in GB; and online in every other market in which Tourism Ireland has a presence. 





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