Publicis Capital Launches Second Wave of Blow Up Campaign


Yesterday, at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi cultural centre, Indiapicture imagebank will launch a micro-site where its images will be made available for people who want to protest in India. The campaign is created by Publicis Capital under the leadership of Emmanuel Upputuru, National Creative Director.

This is the latest element of the contagious campaign titled Blow Up, rolled out two weeks ago, which asks the question, in the world’s largest democracy; it is your right to protest, but is it possible to do it peacefully? Without destroying public property?

The concept draws from the truism that during protests and political movements, public property is inevitably damaged. In an effort to avoid this for the future, IndiaPicture created the idea of providing potential protestors with free images of public property to vandalise instead.

 The challenge is to test the power of images beyond advertising and to reshape the reputation of a nation, often known for its vociferous rallies and protests.


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