Multi-awarded Publicis agencies make for a busy week!

Publicis has had a successful week claiming numerous awards at Ad Festivals around the world. Congratulations to the winners who have produced outstanding work!

Yesterday, at The International ANDY’s  Marcel, Publicis Conseil and Publicis Mojo were awarded.

Publicis Conseil and Marcel won four Andy’s for their campaigns Samu Social “Asphaltisation”; Sooruz “Naked Riders” and Editions Points “Famous Speeches”.

Silver              – “Asphaltisation”      cat. Photography (Publicis Conseil)

Bronze           – Sooruz “Riders”     (Publicis Conseil)

Bronze           – Samu Social “Asphaltisation” cat. Newspaper (Publicis Conseil)

Bronze           – Editions Points “Famous Speeches” (Marcel)

And Publicis Mojo’s “Ride” campaign for Burn won a bronze in Web Film.

Publicis also claimed two medals at the FIAP.  Publicis Spain won a Film Sol de Plata (silver sun) for Renault Niños and Publicis Brazil won a Media Sol de Bronze for Swatch Wristbands

Last but not least, at last night’s Revolution awards iHobo won in the category Not-for-profit/Charity/Public Service. 



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