‘When brands change the conversation to their benefit, sales accelerate’ says Jean-Philippe Maheu – CEO Publicis Modem

Jean-Philippe Maheu is featured in a very interesting Ad Week Article ‘Teaching Brands New Tricks‘. The author Steven Rosenbaum stresses the idea that brands must be transparent, responsive and embrace consumer power.

In a world where consumers drown in information and data, brands cannot simply buy their way to the front line; they must be purpose inspired and gain the consumer’s trust and attention.

People trust people. So to gain the consumer’s trust, brands need to impact social conversations. Jean-Philippe Maheu’s job is to create contagious ideas and content that changes the conversation about our client’s brands.

According to Maheu, even though the industry doesn’t have a recipe for it, ‘the empirical evidence is that when a brand changes the conversation to its benefit, sales accelerate’.

What is interesting says Maheu, is that consumers have always talked about brands positively or negatively, but the internet has greatly amplified the volume and extent of these conversations.

‘You need a point of view. And you need content that enables you to communicate your point of view, and engage and respond’ concludes Maheu.

 Read the full article on Adweek



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